Sunday, May 25, 2014

Baby-Bee Haven Dream Feeder Pillow Review/Giveaway

One thing I love to do with my little one is bond with her while I feed her. It is the perfect time to tell her stories, teach her little songs like the ABC song, or I can simply just have a conversation with her letting her know how much I love her. During her feeding though I want her to be comfortable. I want to make sure her little neck and back are laying in a comfy way that way if she decides to fall asleep she can with ease. I had the chance to work with Baby-Bee Haven and they were kind enough send me a Dream Feeder Pillow. 

Baby-Bee Haven offers items such as the: 
Cush 'n Go, Swingin' Smart, See 'n Store, Dream Feeder.

Zipadee-Zip Review

Babies are little miracles. We get to watch them slowly grow from little droolers, to toddlers, to children. It can be hard taking care of babies, there is a big number of things that they could need at any given time. Since babies cannot talk, it is often difficult to figure out what has got them upset, and an unhappy baby is an unhappy household. 

With so many potential things to upset our tiny ones, comfort should not have to be an issue. Luckily there is a great little product called the Zipadee-Zip, which allows comfort to come automatically so that we can focus on all of the other things that cause our babies discomfort. 

Here are some great things about the Zipadee-Zip

1. Sleep - Aids swaddle transition and teaches self-soothing skills
2. Travel - Encourages sleep and settling on long car or plane rides
3. Dr. Office Visits - Eliminates tedious clothing changes
4. Grocery Visits and Plane Rides - Provides a GERM-FREE environment
5. Breastfeeding - Prevents a baby from scratching themselves and momma!
6. Stroller walks or walks/rides in a sling or baby carrier - can be worn while buckled or strapped in!
7. MORE SLEEP! Aids transition to crib off of a swing, or rock and play sleeper and helps sick little ones get rest when they wouldn't otherwise 

Annmarie Gianni Skin Care Sun Love Review

Now that I am spending a lot more time outside. It is that time for me to make sure I am taking care of my skin and making sure that the sun does not damage my face. I was given the opportunity to work with the company Annmarie Gianni again on another review. This time the company was kind enough to send me their Sun Love, Natural Sun Protection. 

Their new, unique line of handcrafted herbal skin products fuse organic and wildcrafted ingredients with essential oils. These synergistic blends not only create amazing and glowing skin, but also bring inner peace and beauty. Their extensive research has allowed them to eliminate the use of chemical preservatives and skin-drying alcohols, to create a pH balanced product and experience that is unmatched in the skin care industry.
Sun Love, Natural Sun Protection $40
Our new Sun Love, Natural Sun Protection is a transparent zinc oxide containing no harmful nanospheres, which provides excellent sunblock protection while antioxidant herbs and oils help neutralize the effects of damaging UV rays. Skin stays hydrated with our naturally tinted, skin-tone creamy base.  Chemical-free and safe. It’s totally natural, effective and is everything you’d expect from anAnnmarie Gianni product.