Monday, September 12, 2011

Rock N Learn "Writing Strategies" DVD Review/Giveaway

Kids start at such a young age in school learning things that we learned when we were in the 4th or 5th grade but now it is the 2nd grade. I at times am very happy that I went to school when I did because now they expect the kids to know so much so early. My daughter comes home with usually 3-5 pieces of pages, 2 books, and usually 3 tests to study for every week which are on Fridays. It is like I am the teacher at home because it takes usually 2 or so hours to get the homework done. Then it is eat, baths and maybe at that time she is able to play for a hour before bed. The other day she brought home homework that she had to do that had to do with writing. Basically write a story and she is only in the 2nd grade. Now this can't just be a normal kiddie story it actually had to make sense and really mean something. That is why I am so happy that Rock N Learn has given me the chance to review another DVD called Writing Strategies. Which I am sure is a much better teacher then I could have been lol.

Learning Resources "Double Duel A Sound-Alike Word Game Review/Giveaway

There are so many things that are hard on little ones as they are learning how to read and write. I mean there are so many words that sound a like but mean different things. Like the words, deer or dear, too to or two, are or our well you get the idea. With little ones it is hard and can be a little annoying trying to explain over and over, that the words sound the same but mean and spell differently. It gets really bad when they have spelling tests in school and, during the test sometimes they have the words that sound the same. It can get tricky. So, when I had the chance to do another review for Learning Resources I was really happy when I seen the Double Duel A Sound-Alike Word Game. I mean I knew with my little girl being in the 2nd grade this was going to be prefect. Plus, the game seemed really fun.

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