Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Skin MD Natural Lotion Review

I've always had red chapped hands in the winter. I am always having to use lotion several times a day. I have also been known to put Vaseline on my hands and sleep with gloves on to try to clear them up, which is not fun or comfortable at all. I also have a problem on the bottom of my feet from working in a nursing home for several years when I was younger as a nurse aid. I am always looking for a lotion that helps several issues I have with my skin. I'm so glad I had the opportunity to try Skin MD. With Skin MD. I can finally use just one lotion and not have to have several bottles around the house.

There are so many great things to say about Skin MD Natural™ Lotion. Before I had the opportunity to use this amazing lotion I had red chapped hands and well my feet didn't look to great on the bottoms either. After using this product my hands and feet are so soft and not red anymore which is great. The feel of it is so smooth and goes on so silky, I love that so much. I also love that it is mild enough to use on my young children which is really important to me.

Here is a photo of a before and after picture you can really see the difference I was in shock.

Skin MD Natural™ Lotion is a "shielding" lotion made with natural ingredients like Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Arnica, Comfrey, and Yarrow. It is designed to duplicate the skin's own protective barrier while helping protect your skin. Skin MD Natural lasts a good 8 hours at a time with one application which is great because you can go shopping and come back home and your hands still feel smooth and still protected.

Skin MD Natural is over 93% natural and the ingredients that are not natural are on the FDA's most safe list. The product is made free of parabens, petrochemicals, dyes, and other irritating ingredients. They are also vegan, cruelty free, and eco-friendly. They do not participate in animal testing. Skin MD Natural is made in the United States in a facility that uses 100% solar power. Another great thing that is great the product is a SPF 15.

Skin MD Natural™ Lotion can also help with a huge variety of skin conditions. Some of these skin conditions are: eczema, psoriasis, skin rashes due to cleaning chemicals just to name a few. With this being over 93% natural it is safe enough to use on babies.

This is a truly amazing product! I have recommended this to several family members already and now to my lovely readers. You can go to http://www.skinmdnatural.com/ to read up on more info. You will find out everything you need to know from my review and looking around their site . Also while there you can check for a location of a store near you that sells the product. Or if you are like me a virtual shopper you can order right on their site. The product is also 100% Satisfaction Guarantee or money back.

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Disclosure: I was given a free product to test for the company Skin MD Natural™ Lotion. All opinions are my own. I was asked to give my honest opinion on the product that I tested. Thank you again Skin MD Lotion....