Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Ore Good Shopper Bag Review

One of my favorite things about going shopping is all of the pretty shopping bags you see and  can use. I remember buying shopping bags in the checkout line at a store in the mall, taking the tag off, and using them in another store that same day. Shopping bags have always been another accessory for me. Like my purse, I like my shopping bag to reflect my personality. So I was very excited to learn of, and receive, a brand-new shopping bag from o.r.e, called the Good Shopper.

My Good Shopper bag is a reflection of who I am, in not only style, but also versatility. I love the garden print on the front. It looks very festive and has images of different produce items drawn with little faces that add a whimsical feel to an otherwise attractive bag. The look and feel of the bag is great. The handles are very strong and not too short or long.


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