Monday, January 31, 2011

Something I've Outgrown

So I am doing this 5 Day Writing Challenge through the Lady Blogger's Society. Today's question is about something that you have outgrown. Which I can answer with no problem. I mean there are a lot of things that I have outgrown but goodness I can't write about them all because it would never end. So, I decided to talk about one thing that I feel I have grown out of and am also very happy about it.

Ok here we go! I have grown out of our home and the area we live in. I mean my house is little and very nice it just doesn't have enough room for all of us and our belongings. We have rented our home where we live now for 4 years in Jan. and will be until the summer of 2014 when we move to Dublin, OH. Our house is very nice and it is our home but we need more. MORE ROOM! Right now my room is a storage room instead of a bedroom not sure what a bedroom is anymore lol! Another thing our kids rooms are very little which is ok in my daughters room because she has a loft bed. That was such a great purchase because it gave her so much more room which she really needed. I wish we could do that for our little boy but he would just try to fly off the top of the bed.

So, not sure what I can do about what I am outgrowing because I can't do anything about it until 2014. You know that is a really long time but it is something to look forward too. A new area, new home, and well just NEW! 



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  3. I am so with you on that...we've outgrown our house too. And we don't even have kids yet, ha! :-)


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