Monday, January 31, 2011

How I've done on The Blog Dare.

Ok, so yesterday I joined a group on Bloggy Moms called " The Blog Dare". I am really excited to get started with this because, honestly I am a horrible person at trying to think about what to post. This I think will help me at times my brain just is not working for me lol! Plus, with me being so new at the blogging thing 3 months old this will really help me get into the posting of other things.

I am not sure if I will get to post something from the Blog Dare everyday but I will sure try! I am not one of those people that can just write what they are feeling into a conversation on here but boy I sure wish I was. Now, my hubby is great at writing he needs to give me some of his skills lol! I do think as time goes this will help me become a better writer and as time goes I will then be able to think of stuff to write about without a prompt.

So, I am looking forward to the next year doing this Blog Dare and you all will get to know me really well!

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  1. To have a writing prompt sounds like a wonderful idea!! I really struggle to come up with something every day (as you can probably tell. Desperation often sets in!!!). Have a good week.

  2. It is great! I am really excited to get really going with this. Sometimes I just sit and look at the computer screen trying to think of something. I hope you have a great week too!

  3. I've just taken what's most appropriate for me and my schedule! But it is helpful to have some prompt ideas!
    Good luck! =)

  4. You'll have fun and do well with it. Blessings

  5. Good luck! I found that just knowing that it was a 'dare' made me want to write every day!

  6. I have somehow managed to blog every day. Sometimes I'm pushing the 'publish' button at 11:59! It's been fun and I look forward to sharing. Good luck!


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