Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Aftermath of the new closet!

Well I have finally got my closet done and oh my how nice, clean and big it is. I can't believe the stuff you can accumulate. So I am guessing the trash men hate me because I pitched a lot of things and ended up with 6 black trash bags of trash. Not that anything was wrong with the stuff I just didn't need or what it anymore and it is stuff I would not have been able to sell on ebay. Then as I was cleaning my hubby was taking black bags and odd and in things to my car. Now I have a trail blazer and I filled the back all the way up and the back seat with stuff for goodwill. Now alot of that stuff was wedding stuff now somebody else can use it. Next week hubby's closet and well you know a man but look at my closet I am not much better.

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